Why does Active Farmers exist?

Why does Active Farmers exist??? It is so important that we frequently check in and communicate with all of you so that you all have a sound understanding of why the Active Farmers Network exists!


Active Farmers has been specifically designed to help improve mental health in regional areas.

It wasn't until Delta Agribusiness came onboard as a sponsor in January this year that Active Farmers began to expand away from its origination in Mangoplah, southern NSW. Since January the Active Farmers group fitness service has expanded to now 13 rural communities, and has also engaged with some fantastic service providers covering; nutrition, mindfulness, finance and online mental health care. 

From group fitness to nutrition, to finance, to mindfulness and to access to mental health experts online, Active Farmers is now providing proactive and practical services to small rural communities with one main aim - to improve mental health!

We believe that by looking after your health by exercising, eating well, being mindful, having a sound financial understanding of your business all combine to naturally improve your mental health without even thinking about it. We also believe that seeking expert mental health advise is vital if you are not feeling well. 

We are so passionate about rural Australia and believe its the best place in the world to live and therefore are on a mission to make a REAL difference!

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service please get in touch with us here!



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Ginny Stevens