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Active Farmers is a service that aims to improve not only the physical health of farmers and community members in regional areas, but also their mental health and is very pleased to be able to offer their network access to the Dokotela service. 

It is important to highlight that, out of the Australian population 45% will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime, and over the next 12 months 20% will suffer, therefore there will and are people in regional areas suffering. A potential road block for those suffering getting help might be a combination of both location from the nearest town, plus the potential risk of invasion of privacy given the small population of regional centres. 

Dokotela takes away this road block and provides specialist mental health care available where, when and how it suits you. This means that the regional population can get help from the comfort of their own home and take away the stress of both the time to travel to the nearest town and a potential invasion of privacy. 

What do Dokotela do?

Dokotela psychiatrists have experience treating a wide range of mental health concerns including: 

  • Depression, anxiety, trauma and stress

  • Alcohol and substance abuse

  • ADHD and developmental disorders

  • And much more…

A little bit about their Founder, Anita

Anita, the founder, has always been passionate about mental health and growing up in a rural area North-East of Perth, understands the inconvenience and stress of travelling long distances. 

Our specialist psychiatrists & psychologist

Dokotela Psychiatrists have a minimum of 20 years experience and they are approachable, understanding and very professional. To meet the team and hear all about them and their experiences click here

I had a close girlfriend living in a regional area and struggling with mental illness. She was finding it difficult to get an appointment with a psychiatrist- the waiting list was 3 months and she had to travel two hours. With all the technology we have available, I thought it was crazy that there was no user-friendly platform empowering people to access mental health care from home. So I left my corporate career and set about creating Dokotela. Our specialists, really enjoy making their practice convenient and accessible to those who need it and the feedback from our patients has been fantastic.

How does it work?

Benefits of the Dokotela service

1.) Confidential – completely confidential, from the comfort of your home/GP office
2.) Accessible – highly experienced psychiatrists available anywhere
3.) Quick – short waiting periods
4.) Convenient – Saves time and stress of travelling
5.) Cost effective – Small out of pocket cost, much less expensive than an in-person
6.) Simple to use – No technology expertise required, we guide you through the process

What are our clients saying? 

“I really can’t rate this service highly enough. It was impossibly quick, efficient and affordable – I’m still shaking my head wondering how it even all happened. The practitioner I was speaking with set me at ease and made me feel very comfortable; I actually think talking to him this way was even easier than having to go to an office. I absolutely love this service and hope it makes it out into the general mainstream as soon as possible. Thanks Dokotela!”, Patient West Brisbane 

"I was really happy with the service. It took me less than an hour to visit my local GP and see the psychiatrist and saved me a whole day of travelling back and forth to the city”, Patient Port Macquarie 

More reviews are available on our website

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