Rural Mindfulness

Active Farmers are delighted to welcome Narelle Hunter to the network!

Narelle brings an invaluable service to the network by delivering workshops that focus on 'mindfulness' involving stress relief, relaxation and sleep improvement techniques. We believe this service compliments Active Farmers extremely well and cannot wait to start working with Narelle!

A little bit about Narelle  

Wellbeing Practitioner
Dru Yoga and Mindful Meditation Teacher

Narelle Hunter has been working in the wellbeing industry and living on a farm for 25 years. Narelle now specialising in delivering workshops that focus on sleep issues, business wellbeing and stress management for rural home and work environments. 

Mindfulness, breath awareness, deep relaxation, back care and meditation lessons can also be a part of your workshop. Narelle is teaching simple techniques that can be included into a busy day, assisting with low energy levels, physical tension, poor memory and the anxiety that can build due to a stressful lifestyle. Sleep issues can also be alleviated. 

“No concern is too big or too small. I have worked with clients facing a wide range of challenges and the coping strategies we design together make the world of difference.” Narelle explains. 

“I am available Tuesday's and Wednesday's across Regional NSW and on weekends for business and home workshops designed to suit your needs. Mindfulness is a very important part of my own life and I absolutely love sharing how much it helps in a range of challenging circumstances.” 


"I am writing this in support of Nel Hunter and ‘Blissfully Present’It has been my pleasure, as Head of Department for Early Childhood Education and Care, Cootamundra, Temora, West Wyalong and Young, to have had Narelle Hunter present to our students on the benefits of relaxation and mindful living.Her presentations have been well received with students leaving with an increased awareness of the benefits of relaxation and stress management techniques not only for themselves in their own work environments but also the children in their care.It is all too easy in this fast paced world to forget that relaxation and stress management techniques are learned skills that do not come naturally to some, especially young children who are influenced by all that goes on around them.I have found Nel knowledgeable, pleasant and very easy to deal with and I would recommend her services to all."

Lynda Moore

"I have had the pleasure of attending Nel’s relaxation and mindfulness classes for the past 3 years. She has taught me unconditional acceptance, how to appreciate every moment and the importance of the mind/body connection. I began her classes during chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer where I benefited from decreased anxiety, improved sleep and overall wellbeing. I continue them to this day as they remind me of what is truly important in life and to slow down and appreciate even the little things when life gets too busy. During the classes we often commented on how we would love to take her home with us and it is wonderful to see that more people will be able to benefit from her gifts."

Leeanne Trantino (Rainbow Warrior)


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