Group Fitness Classes 

Venue: Girl Guide Hall
Tuesday: 6:30 and 9:30am

Cost: $10/class 

Aqua Fitness Classes 

Finished for the summer 

What to bring??

Water bottle
Reliever medication if needed (e.g. asthma puffer)

Contact Kim Broomby

M: 0427 472 152
H: 02 6347 2152


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Kim Broomby

Farmer and Personal Trainer @ Quandialla, Caragabal, Grenfell and Wirrinya


Kim is a wonderful mother of five, born and bred in the Central West of New South Wales! 

Growing up in the wheat / sheep area of Quandialla was a wonderful life. As kids, Kim's three siblings and her were an integral part of the family farm work force, helping out with sheep work and harvest. Memories of Kim's childhood are happiness and complete innocence. During Kim's teens life was quite insulated on the farm. Although her parents travelled thousands of miles to take her to sporting events, she remained quite oblivious to the big, wide world. Kim spent the last two years of high school at a Boarding School in Orange NSW. Sport and friendships are the highlights of those two years. 

Training at Cowra District Hospital as an Enrolled Nurse was the next chapter in Kim's life, followed by working for two different Pathology companies in Canberra. Kim took advantage of as many sports and “aerobic” classes as possible while living in the ACT. Sadly, those were the days when shiny, bright, lycra, leotards were the fashion…. unforgettable!!! Kim and her husband / best friend Dave spent a few years in Canberra before deciding a country change was needed!! 

Heading back to Quandialla to work for Kim's parents was a very big step and a huge change in their lifestyle. Farm work was very different when you’re an adult apparently!! All of a sudden, it wasn’t just jobs and helping out, it was a serious business, trying to make money. 

There was also the travelling hundreds of kilometres to play a team sport for both of us. 

Just after Broomby baby two was born Kim decided to gain her Certificate 111 in Fitness (called Fitness Leader way back then!!) and began to run a couple of classes a week in the local Quandialla Memorial Hall. There were a number of stops and starts during the next ten years as three more Broomby babies arrived and her enthusiasm and motivation waned during the memorable drought and flood. However, updating her Aqua Fitness qualifications with the most inspiring 70+ year young lady Colleen Lord, gave her an entirely new outlook on health and fitness. 

As Kim's enjoyment of instructing Aqua fitness classes returned so did her desire to update and further her study in Fitness. So, Kim has updated her Certificate 111 in Fitness and has almost finished Certificate 1V. Working as a lifeguard at our local swimming pool and being involved in the Quandialla Swimming Club has given her the opportunity to gain other qualifications; Teacher of Competitive swimming and AUSTSWIM, along with Aqua Fitness keeps her very busy during the summer. 

Not only are the Quandialla community gaining physical benefit from regular exercise, they are also gaining mental health. Kim hopes that by joining the Active Farmers network Mental and Physical health in remote rural areas continues to improve through a network of communities working together.