5 minutes with Quandialla, Caragabal & Grenfell trainer, Kim Broomby!

This week we caught up with Quandialla, Caragabal & Grenfell trainer Kim Broomy. Kim is a farmer from Quandialla and is also a fantastic personal trainer! Kim has shared some insights about her life, her services and some tips about keeping motivated during winter!

 Can you tell us a bit about you and where you grew up? 

Growing up in the wheat / sheep area of Quandialla was a wonderful life. Quandialla is situated in the Central West Slopes of NSW; close to Grenfell and West Wyalong. As kids, my three siblings and I were an integral part of the family farm work force, helping out with sheep work and harvest. Memories of childhood are happiness and complete innocence. During my teens life was quite insulated on the farm. Although our parents travelled thousands of miles to take us to sporting events we remained quite oblivious to the big, wide world. 

Coming from a rural background, how does providing a service aimed at the rural community resonate with you? 

Providing a rural community with a group exercise service is very important to me. Isolation and lack of facilities can affect the community. To participate in most sporting teams now, we need to travel long distances. This becomes expensive and demanding on families and individuals. To offer a group exercise class is a simple and fun way for locals to feel part of a ‘team’ and enjoy not only the physical challenges but also enjoy the socialising that incidentally happens. We all get quite buzz from catching up with one another and having a workout at the same time. 

Lamb marking on the farm!

Lamb marking on the farm!

As we approach the cooler months can you tell us how you keep motivated? 

That is a tough question!!! For me, I check the temperature constantly so I’m mentally prepared for the cold. When I see a minus before the minimum temperature I try to imagine how hard I will work out to warm up and therefore how many calories I’m going to burn!!! When I set my alarm for the early starts I curse a fair bit but when it goes off in the morning I go into automatic gear. Once I get some good music pumping I’m ok!! (The promise of a strong, hot coffee post workout makes me smile too!!) 

 Have you got some tips about getting yourself to class when its cold and dark? 

Clothes (lots of clothes-about five layers) out ready to go before I set the alarm; a fun workout planned; think about who might be coming; the promise of a good coffee afterwards; I like to think I’m working off more calories in the cold……. 

What advice would you give someone considering coming to your Active Farmers classes? 

Don’t take exercise too seriously, work at your own level, enjoy the benefits no matter how long it takes, don’t compete with other participants and remember it’s your workout to enjoy. 

Caragabal kids!

Caragabal kids!

Can you talk a little about what to expect at your classes? 

My classes vary a lot. I try to balance cardio exercise with all over body toning and strengthening (low-med and high intensity), with some co-ordination work throw in occasionally. My aim is to give participants tools to put in their toolbox so they can pull it out whenever they need too! Example: teaching squats and it’s many variations- if someone dislikes one variation they exchange it for another. 

How important do you think exercise and socialising is for the rural community? 

I believe exercise and socialising is extremely important in a rural community. So often the cuppa or roadside chat after class is as important as the workout. Locals look out for one another and care. If someone has had a hiccup in their life the rest of the group are ready to help and support.

Thank you Kim! 

For more information about Kim and her group fitness services at Quandialla & Caragabal click here  and Grenfell click here. 

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