Is your health one of your main priorities???

Where does your health fall in your list of priorities???

Some examples of priorities are; work, family, housework and friends, and more often than not your health falls last on this list. Time constraints are one of the most common reasons that health falls to the wayside, however without functioning at close to or optimum health levels we run the risk of being less productive at work, having less energy for family and perhaps we start to enjoy time with our friends less because we are so exhausted. 

In my opinion your health needs to be as high up on your list as possible, and this means you MUST allocate time throughout the week for YOU! Often we get 'the guilts' if we allocate time during a busy week to spend on ourselves, however the benefits are enormous for everyone involved in your life. If you can't remember the last time you exercised, had a healthy meal or enjoyed your favourite hobby there is something wrong! 

My advise is to be organised! Given time is usually one of the biggest factors preventing us having 'me time' being organised will help. Try each Sunday looking at your approaching week and identify some time slots for YOU, then put them in your diary! It may involve asking someone for help looking after kids for half an hour for example, or dare I say it setting that alarm a little earlier a few days a week. Start with small steps, and try to repeat the new behaviour every week, then you will start to form a new habit!

Good luck and next week stay tuned for my next blog that will delve a little deeper into habits :)

Ginny Stevens