Ginny Stevens (Founder)

I grew up on a farm in Tasmania and have always been passionate about agriculture and staying active. 

Today I combine these two loves in my business, Active Farmers.

Concerned about the level of depression in rural communities, I developed a program for farmers to improve their physical and mental health. Through exercise and interaction, participants become more aware of their health and develop a greater sense of community. 

Why is it that we ensure our cars and machinery are fuelled and serviced properly, but we run ourselves below optimum levels? Like a car that is not well fuelled and serviced, we don't run efficiently and run the risk of breaking down. Active Farmers is all about ensuring clients are better fuelled and serviced to tackle the stresses of modern farming life. 

Recently I have made the decision to leave my eight year Agribusiness banking career and, with the support of Delta Agribusiness expand Active Farmers so that as many country towns in regional areas throughout Australia can have access to the service as possible. My philosophy is that the more people who understand the connection between being physically fit and well connected within their community and being mentally strong the better! Active Farmers is therefore going to create a large network of farmers and community members working together to improve both physical and mental health!

Active Farmers will continue to support mental health charities, such as Riverina Bluebell