What's been happening this week?

Recently I did a poll on Instagram to find out exactly what our network want see on social media. It was extremely refreshing to find that the most popular vote was more stories about people within our network. I found this SO refreshing because this exactly what Active Farmers is centred around -  supporting the people within our network.  I truly believe that everyone within our network MATTERS, regardless of location, age, gender, background and fitness ability etc....

Another popular vote was to have more information about what happens behind the scenes of Active Farmers and how I keep myself healthy, therefore rather than clogging up our social media feed I'm going to blog once a week or fortnight to keep everyone in the loop. There is so much that happens behind the scenes that is vital to the running and sustainability of Active Farmers, especially now that we are a Not for Profit Organisation. 

Blogging has never been my strongest point, but here goes! This is a snap shot of a typical week for me behind the scenes, of which I'll get straight into next week so it won't be as long.


This week has been fantastic!!! After a great launch event at Ladysmith and Book Book last Sunday it was time to get ready for the next launch event held at Illabo today (19th August '18) for the Illabo and Eurongilly communities. This event was another success and I honestly left both events with a big smile on my face, feeling very happy and lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people! A special note must be made to our two new trainers, Alison and Marliese. Both ladies are farmers, mothers and personal trainers who are so passionate about turning up every week to make a difference to their communities overall health and resilience. So inspiring!

Marliese Heffernan

Marliese Heffernan

Alison Skinner

Alison Skinner


In between both launch events I scooted across to Tarcutta to attend Gus MacLeod's Wednesday morning class and shout them breaky at the Caltex Servo. I know, it sounds a bit dodgy, but the Tarcutta Caltex actually have a little cafe and cook up a storm! I loved catching up with the participants of Tarcutta and then headed home (via the supermarket) to get ready for a Mindfulness Workshop with Narelle Hunter at Jindera! I am very fortunate to have recruited Kim Broomby's (trainer @Quandialla & surrounds) daughter, Shea to help me with the twins and some washing/cooking. Shea, whilst I was filming a remote class for Lockhart whipped up some healthy food from for the workshop. It was nice to spend some quality time with Nel, who ran a greatMindfulness Workshop for Jindera, organised by our superstar trainer, Allana Hayes @Burrumbuttock!

After a late night I had my husband in my face at 4:30am the next morning saying "can we go now"???? We had a quick trip to the snow planned to visit my brother & sister in law and kids at Mt Hotham for the winter. My husband has always been an early riser - unlike me believe it or not! So we made a compromise and hit the road at 5:30am! We had a really nice day and night at the snow and night with our family, twin free. I really do believe time together as a couple is so important to remember that you can still have fun together. Skiing has always been a mutual hobby that we love to do together! 

Friday morning I did wake up with a tummy bug - so frustrating when you get sick and you try so hard to be healthy! We had a quick ski and hit the road home to our dearly missed babies! I then missed out on my neighbours business launch drinks as I still wasn't feeling great.  I was disappointed about because I love to socialise with my neighbours/community, especially when they are so supportive of me! I really dislike cancelling on people when I have said I will be there, even if it is a tummy bug, I still feel disappointed.

On Saturday,  a breath of fresh air came into our home - we have recruited a part-time Fundraising co-ordinator in Deb Simms who drove all the way from Melbourne to the farm (4.5 hours) with her 3 beautiful kids to catch up! I now have kid ambitions - they arrived fresh faced, smiley, chatty, polite and happy and it was fab! I am SO excited to have Deb join our quickly expanding team who has grand ambitions for Active Farmers!

This is a typical week for me, constantly a juggling act between Active Farmers, twins, husband, fun, free time, me time, friends and my community. Sometimes its a bit overwhelming when I have a lot of events on, however it was nice to wind down, chill out and relax with our twins today after the launch event and I'm now recharged for next week.

This coming week we have lots of exciting events, partnerships and workshops to announce - stay tuned!!!

Until next week,




CEO Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens