What's been happening this week?

After a couple of exciting launch events and workshops, this week has been largely about planning, and a few other things..... People often ask me if managing Active Farmers is a full time job, and the answer is a most certainly YES! Despite what it may look like from the outside, on the inside there is always lots to do!


One project we have been working on for a while, announced this week is a 'Spring into Spring' community support program, involving a free group fitness class and breakfast, followed by two free classes each week for one month, plus a health related workshop of choice. Its ultimately designed to bring the communities together during tough times, such as the current drought and above all have some fun. We kick off first at Coonamble, September 1st! 

We have also been lucky enough to secure some funding from Murrumbidgee Landcare to put towards running a roadshow in the Riverina that we decided to name, Calmer Farmer. We have roped in Judy Davie, The Greengrocers Diet author & food coach and Narelle Hunter, Dru Yoga teacher & Mindfulness specialist - two of my absolute favourite health experts! Again, during tough times there is never a more important time to work on your individual health. Nutrition and Mindfulness can have a huge impact on overall health, and in particular mental health which is crucial for getting through a drought for example.

The workshops have been announced and will run during the second week

of September at Tarcutta, Stockinbingal, Lockhart and Hay.  


After a long trip to Albury to have BOTH twins ears tested (they may need both need grommets after several ear infections) I had to get straight back into packing my bags for another trip away. I was invited to speak in Adelaide at conference called, Healthy Australian Agribusinesses plus 2020 and felt that although it was TED talk style, and 15 minutes was a long way to travel down for, there are always other benefits that pop up if you have an open mind.

Even though I did find it extremely hard to leave the twins again, and this time for two nights, I had a wonderful time! Adelaide is a beautiful city, with lovely old buildings and parks, and the conference was great.


 I had lots of positive feedback about Active Farmers and my presentation, offers from two organisations to do some probono work and many suggested South Australian farming communities who might like Active Farmers. After feeling a bit like a crazy person for taking a half an hour drive and two flight return trip, and two nights away to speak for 15 minutes, I left feeling like I got so much more out of it! 



There was then no rest for the wicked! I got home at 4pm Friday and just in time to get ready to have some friends to stay, and more friends for dinner for my husbands birthday! Thank goodness for my mother in law is all I can say! After minding the twins for two days she stayed another hour to help me get organised! I really believe it does take a tribe of people to raise a child, and for me the reality is that I do need help to raise my children. We had a really fun night and a nice relaxing weekend with some friends from Melbourne which was a great way to wind down after my week.






Definitely the highlight for me this week has been watching Henry & Isabella learn how to walk with the walker - such a milestone and so cute!!! 

Being a tad tired today, I decided to leave the mess, take some naps while the twins slept and do some yoga in the sunshine and an afternoon jog to recharge for another fun week coming up!

Until next time, 


CEO Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens