Meet Lyndon, a die hard Active Farmer!

Last week we caught up Lyndon, an Active Farmer @Quandialla with trainer Kim Broomby! He has shared some insight into his life, and the things he likes about Active Farmers!

Can you tell us a bit about you and where you grew up? 

I was born at Canowindra, went to school and started my farming career there. I had the the travelling bug when I was younger and worked on 3 different farms overseas over 16 months.

What do you love the most about living in the bush?


 Sunsets, and actually knowing your neighbours!

How long have you been going to Active Farmers classes? 

Close to two years off and on

What do you like the most about Active Farmers classes? 

Friendly banter!! Motivation ( exercise can be hard on your own )

What advice would you give someone thinking about attending? 

Don’t worry about being the fattest or the slowest or the oldest just do it! People are encouraging if you make an effort!

What are the benefits of your Active Farmers classes you think your male counterparts should understand?

 Exercise is necessary for both physical and mental health, most of the time I would say 50/50

How do you keep yourself motivated enough to get to class, especially during winter? 

Busy times are the hardest to stay motivated ( planting and harvesting ) Winter is actually easier then summer. I like early morning classes because of the positive effect has on the rest of the day

Active Farmers often have fundraising events for mental health awareness, how does this resonate with you?

 Farmers work a lot in isolation, so exercise classes, field days and social events are all necessary to remind us we are not alone. Fundraising events would be a good way to get out of a comfort zone.

What is your favourite motto??

 Life is a risk, work out what the right risks are!

Thank you very much Lyndon for sharing this information with us - its very inspirational - keep up the good work!!!!

Over and Out,

Ginny Stevens

GM Active Farmers




Ginny Stevens