Hear from Dugald, an original Active Farmer!

This week to celebrate mens health week we caught up with Dugald McKay, an original Active Farmer. The number of men who die from suicide each year is almost double the road toll (source Beyond Blue) and this needs to change.

Can you tell us a bit about you and where you grew up? 

 I’m Dugald Mckay, 55yo. I along side my wife Didee manage a rural business in southern NSW near Henty. Our core primary products are wool, lamb, beef and grain. We have 3 children, 24 22 20. I have lived on the land in various locations my entire life. 

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What do you love the most about living in the bush? 

The serenity, nature, freedom and beauty are all my major reasons for living where we do. We are not isolated, however the peacefulness surrounds us.  

How long have you been going to Active Farmers classes? 

I was an original Active Farmer participant over 3 years ago. 

What do you like the most about Active Farmers classes? 

I enjoy the fitness and strength that comes with any exercise. It gives you confidence and a stronger mental attitude to cope with decision making and well-being.  

What advice would you give someone thinking about attending? 

My advice to anybody thinking of attending active farmers is “just do it”. Stop thinking of excuses and man up. There is nothing to lose by having a go. 

What are the benefits of your Active Farmers classes you think your male counterparts should understand? 

Active farmers builds friendships, provides social and mental stimulation whilst getting fit and having a laugh. It is good for the soul. 

How do you keep yourself motivated enough to get to class, especially during winter? 

I use the motto “the pain of discipline is better then the pain of disappointment”

 Active Farmers often have fundraising events for mental health awareness, how does this resonate with you? 

The mental health benefits for men are huge. Lots of banter. Discussing the footy and sharing daily exeriences. 

What is your favourite motto??

Focus. Do it. Done!

Research suggests that regular exercise and social interaction are two things that naturally improve mental health, and this is exactly what we provide to small farming communities 🙌 

Thank you Dugald - all men out there, follow Dugald's lead and take your health seriously!

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Ginny Stevens