Miranda Russell, up and coming artist who has supported Active Farmers

Miranda Russell is an up and coming artist who donated her 'pink skye' painting, inspired by the Australian bush to to the Active Farmers Black Tie Ball. 

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The winner of her painting was Casey Ryan, a farmer from Illabo and an accountant at Custom Accounting. Casey also sits on the audit and risk committee for the Active Farmers Not For Profit Organisation - well done Casey!





Miranda Russell is an Australian artist whose style is intuitive and gestural. From mark-making to colour-fields, her work is exhibited in art shows and galleries around Australia, and is steadily gaining attention from collectors and curators. Miranda also contends major art prizes such as the Paddington Art Prize and the Glover Prize.

Miranda's work is currently featuring in the Conde Nast publication The World of Interiorsmagazine. Spring editions March, April and May 2018. Also in UK House & Garden editions May, June and July 2018.

Miranda has a Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Charles Darwin University).

Her artwork can be understood as a response to the idea and spirit of the Australian landscape. Form, line and colour within the landscape inform Miranda's compositions, with the works of Cummings, Williams and Rothko inspirational to her in terms of their approach to art.

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For more information about Miranda Russell visit her website mirandarussellart.com and Facebook page, Miranda Russell Art and Instagram, Miranda Russell Art.

Miranda is also excited to be featuring in some upcoming exhibitions at West End Art Space in April and Montsalvat in October, 2018 and has submitted entries into the Geelong Contemporary Art Prize and the Paddington Art Prize this year also.

Thank you so much Miranda for your donation of “Pink Skye” and we wish you all the best as an artist in the future!

Ginny Stevens

GM Active Farmers


Ginny Stevens