The RFDS Report, Mental Health in Remote and Rural Communities

At Active Farmers our aim is to provide practical and proactive services that help improve overall health, and ultimately mental health of farmers and rural communities. 

I truly believe that we are the luckiest people in the world to live in rural Australia and this is why I am so passionate about the mental heath and happiness of farmers and rural communities! Should we not be the happiest people in the world??? According to the Royal Flying Doctors report about mental health in remote and rural communities released in March this year, this is certainly not the case!

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The RFD report contains some extensive research and key findings about the mental health statistics of those living in remote and rural communities. The report stated that;

Each year, around one in five, or 960,000, remote and rural Australians experience a mental disorder. The prevalence of mental disorders in remote and rural Australia is the same as that in major cities, making mental disorders one of the few illnesses that does not have higher prevalence rates in country Australia compared to city areas. 

However one of the most alarming findings I thought was that;

Yet suicide and self-harm rates are higher in remote and rural Australia than in major cities,
with residents of very remote areas twice as likely to die from suicide as city residents. Farmers, young men, older people, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australians face the greatest risk of suicide. 

At Active Farmers, we want to provide a network full of services that proactively improve overall health and naturally improve mental health!

I strongly believe that the more people who understand the connection between being physically fit and well connected within their communities, and being mentally strong the better! This is why we are on a mission to set up as many Active Farmers group fitness services as possible! We also believe that all of our other service providers compliment the group fitness classes and are key to improving overall health, and ultimately mental health!

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