Food to fuel exercise

Food to fuel exercise

Have you ever been stuck for idea's about the best food to fuel your exercise? Even if you are not in training for the Olympics it is still important that you are fuelling your body properly before and after your exercise sessions. You will not only have more energy during your workout, but be able to recover in a shorter time post workout.

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There are two major food group sources listed below that are a vital source of fuel for your body;


·      The primary fuel source for the body and the brain including muscle contraction and the central nervous system

·       Examples: fruit, cereal, bread/wraps/bread roll/raisin toast, wholegrain crackers, potato, rice, pasta, noodles, milk, yoghurt


·      More protein does not equal more muscles!

·      Protein consumed beyond what is needed for muscle development will be used directly as fuel, or can be stored as fat (in constant positive energy balance)

·      Examples: milk, yoghurt, cheese, meat, chicken, salmon, tuna, egg, turkey, legumes, nuts, seeds

Tips to get the most out of your next AF workout:

Before exercise

- Carbohydrate

·      Having a meal containing carbohydrate or a carbohydrate snack before exercise will provide your body with energy/fuel to use during your workout

After exercise

- Protein + carbohydrate foods

·      Protein helps to repair muscle tears/damage for optimal recovery

·      Carbohydrates replenish fuel stores to prevent muscle breakdown

·      Carbohydrates also stimulate the muscle to absorb amino acids from dietary protein, therefore carbohydrates enhance post training protein uptake

·      Depending on your goals, preferences and routine, have a meal within 60 minutes post exercise, or have a snack (think yoghurt or fruit smoothie made with low fat milk or bread/crackers with cottage cheese/tuna/boiled egg) and then resume your regular meal pattern

·      Recovery happens over time, not just from one meal


·      The general recommendation is to have 150ml of water for every 20-30 minutes of exercise

·      However, amounts will vary depending on the individual, intensity and temperature

Remember to make sure you fuel your body adequately before and after exercise and if you have any further questions get in touch with me here!

Anna :)


Ginny Stevens