So what does it mean to live life to its full capacity?

So what does it mean to live life to its full capacity?

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If you missed my July Blog I recommend you have a quick read as this is a follow on from my very personal explanation of what Rural Mindfulness means to me. 

Most people working in the rural industry are incredibly hard workers who are dedicated to high standards of business practice. We may have stock, crops, staff and family depending on us (not in that order of priority of course!) and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Mobile phones have added to the subtle extra demands put on business owners and staff. We are often ‘on call well’ into the evening and that phone often starts ringing for immediate attention around 7am. It’s a long workday. 

So if you are keen to make your fitness, family, lifestyle and friends more of a priority in your life while maintaining a successful business or career, then Rural Mindfulness can really help. I teach that mindfulness (defined as noticing all the detail going on around us today, in our environments, our physical bodies and our breath) is something we can layer over a busy day. Part of us can continue to be focused on all the responsibilities and the to do list, while part of us is aware, awake and noticing todays detail. 

The present moment awareness brings us into the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, where we can self regulate emotions, reactions and make clear choices. Calmly noticing the view while driving to work, giving your child your full attention if they ring or having a stretch before sitting for hours on machinery, sends a clear message to the nervous system that you are not being chased by a lion. Steady breathing, relaxing the shoulders, walking just a fraction slower or choosing not to run every time the phone rings doesn’t mean your business is going to go down the gurgler. Your immune system can function well, together with your heart, digestion and breath. 

Personally I couldn’t believe just how much more I was achieving when I added Rural Mindfulness to my life. My memory improved, my bookwork was more organised and there seemed to be more time available to me then before. I suppose you just become more efficient. Not being present at all leads to procrastination, being easily distracted and often emotionally frustrated with your situation. These days I live a fulfilling life that feels very well balanced. I Love what I do for my personal career and lifestyle while managing family and farm responsibilities. 

What amazed me the most when taking in more detail in the present moment (e.g. sights, sounds, tastes, aromas, textures, physical sensations) was how much better my energy levels where. If you haven’t tried it for yourself you probably don’t believe that rural Mindfulness can change your perception of time rushing by, while giving you more energy and an ability to create plenty of opportunities to be with your friends, family and community, even during the busy farming periods. 

Why don’t you book one of my Rural Mindfulness workshops in your community and put my strategy for living a fulfilling life to the test. Life is too short to live any other way!  

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Ginny Stevens