Jeanette Ross and Sharon Dew join the 100 Club!!!

Hello Active Farmers!

Very exciting news - last Friday we had another two Active Farmers reach the 100 club! Congratulations to Jeanette Ross and Sharon Dew, such a fantastic effort and you should both feel very proud - I know I sure am! Jeanette and Sharon have very kindly shared some of their secrets behind keeping so motivated and committed to Active Farmers.

Jeanette & Sharon, you have both been Active Farmers from the very beginning (end of Feb 2015) and have just completed 100 Active Farmer classes - well done!!! How do you keep yourselves so disciplined and motivated to attend Active Farmer classes so regularly?

 Jeanette: I love an organised class, I find it much easier when it is all there for me.  I am not great when I have to do it myself!  Now, having gone for 12 months, it is just part of my weekly routine, I feel guilty if I don’t go. 

Sharon: Active Farmers has become a part of my weekly routine now.  When you finish a session you always feel ready to tackle the day.  It does make it easier to attend when you enjoy it like I do.

We have just headed into winter and it has become cold and dark. Last year you got yourself through the winter and regularly attended Active Farmer classes. Do you have any tips for your peers to help them keep up their motivation during winter? 

Jeanette: I admit it is hard to get up on those freezing mornings, but I set the alarm, just get out of bed and layer up!  I never really think about not going, I always think about how great I feel after the class, physically and mentally.

 Sharon: Just be prepared for the cold and layer up so you can peel of layers as you warm up and remember how you feel when you are finished

 Since becoming an Active Farmer in February last year have you noticed any improvements to your general health and wellbeing? If so how has this made a difference to your day to day activities?

Jeanette: I have found my energy levels are much higher, and I don’t have any joint stiffness.   My immune system is a lot better, I keep very good health.  My thinking is clearer, so I am more productive at home and at work. 

 Sharon: I have a lot more energy to keep me going through the day now. I am a lot fitter than  was and can push myself further each session. I’m quite amazed by how far I have come.

 What is your favourite thing about being an Active Farmer?

 Jeanette: I love that we improvise, we don’t work out in an air-conditioned gym, we are outside at the footy ground. Doing this has made me more resilient in cold weather.

 I enjoy our Active Farmers group, we work hard, but still have time for a bit of a chat! 

Sharon: The great bunch of people that enjoy the early morning workout as much as I do.

 I know that there are lots of people within the Mangoplah and Uranquinty communities who may be considering becoming an Active Farmer, however are still unsure about committing. What advise would you give these people? 

 Jeanette: I would say to give it a try, we have busy lives and exercise can be put to the back of the list, make the change to fit in some exercise and you’ll see the benefits.  You have fun, you get fit, you feel good. 

 Sharon: Come down you won't regret it. Everybody has to start somewhere and what could be any easier than training in your village and not have to travel into Wagga. Everybody is welcoming and encourages each other to keep going.

 As a group Active Farmers so far have raised $1650 for Riverina Bluebell, and given you have attended the most classes you commitment to Active Farmers has gone a long way to contributing to this donation. How does supporting Riverina Bluebell, a non-for profit organisation for mental health in the Riverina resonate with you?

 Jeanette: Mental health is a huge issue in regional areas, there doesn’t seem to be enough government funding to have adequate support in many towns, so any money that can be raised to support mental health can only be positive.

 Sharon: It is a great cause that we support and needs all the attention & resources the general community can give. Everybody needs to be aware more of how it effects people.

 If there is one quote or motto that you relate to could you please share this with us?

 Jeanette: “Get Up, Get Out and Get Going”!

 Sharon:  “Keep going you can do it”!     

Congratulations Jeanette and Sharon and thank you very much for sharing some of your tips and mottos! Keep up the good work :) 

In other news Active Farmers @ Mangoplah have decided to follow the Active Farmers @ Uranquinty trend and are going to have a coffee the last Friday of each month as a well deserved treat!

I hope you are all feeling very inspired and ready to tackle the next Active Farmer class!

Ginny :)



Ginny Stevens