Tania Mohr Reaches 100 Active Farmer Classes

Hello Active Farmers!!


We have another Active Farmer reach 100 classes last Friday – congratulations to Tania Mohr!!!! Tania has been an Active Farmer from the very start and has made a conscious effort to make exercise part of her routine. Such an amazing effort Tania! 

I have asked Tania a few quick questions about her secrets to keeping so motivated and disciplined.

Tania, you have been an Active Farmer from the very beginning (end of Feb 2015) and have just completed 100 Active Farmer classes - well done!!! How do you keep yourself so disciplined and motivated to attend Active Farmer classes so regularly?

 I really enjoy going so it's not hard for me to stay motivated. I look forward to going and feel really good after it. It's now part of the routine. 

We are about to head into winter and it will become cold and dark soon. Last year you got yourself through the winter and regularly attended Active Farmer classes. Do you have any tips for your peers to help them keep up their motivation during winter? 

Get your gear out and be organised the night before, go to bed a bit earlier if you struggle with the time. You always warm up  after a few minutes

Since becoming an Active Farmer in February last year have you noticed any improvements to your general health and wellbeing? If so how has this made a difference to your day to day activities?

I definitely feel fitter and stronger, maybe even a bit more motivated. Life is pretty hectic but I enjoy a bit of time just for me. 

What is your favourite thing about being an Active Farmer? 

Sweating it out, and feeling accomplished for the morning. It's more inspiring to be there with other people than at home trying to motivate yourself.

I know that there are lots of people within the Mangoplah and Uranquinty communities who may be considering becoming an Active Farmer, however are still unsure about committing. What advise would you give these people? 

Give it a go you won't regret it. It may take a couple of weeks to adjust and then you will love it. 

As a group Active Farmers so far have raised $1655 for Riverina Bluebell, and given you have attended the most classes you commitment to Active Farmers has gone a long way to contributing to this donation. How does supporting Riverina Bluebell, a non-for profit organisation for mental health in the Riverina resonate with you? 

Mental health affects so many people we all have a friend or relative that has been affected by this at one stage or another. It's local and it's important. 

Thank you Tania, you should be very proud  – keep up the good work!!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please remember if you have any suggestions for the Active Farmer classes please send them through and make sure you utilise Tania's tips! Get organised, have a go and remember to think of the post class benefits!




Ginny Stevens