Venue: Burrumbuttock Sports Ground

Monday's: 6:00am - 7:00am
Friday's: 6:00am - 7:00am

Allana Hayes snap 2.jpg

Allana Hayes contact details;

P: 0419332314
E: nathanlanhayes@gmail.com


What to bring?

  • Water bottle
  • Active wear and runners
  • Inner gloves/thin gloves for boxing
  • A yoga mat if you want to use your own
  • An open mind

Who can come?

All farmers and the Hagley community are welcome to come along to the Active Farmer classes! It doesn't matter what level of fitness you have or how much experience you have, our programs are designed to be suitable for everyone. At Active Farmers we believe the more the merrier and the more diverse the group the better! For any questions or concerns get in touch with JJ. 

What does it cost?

One off class = $15
Two Classes per week = $25

*Primary school aged kids and under come for free!

For more information or questions complete the form below :)



Hi, I'm Allana from JINDERA NSW I am excited to  become involved with Active Farmers, to promote awareness of the relationship between being active and mental health. I look forward to meeting farmers and helping them achieve more by improving their fitness goals, health and making this a community project.

So a little about me....Soon after arriving in Jindera I fell in love with the small country town and the ‘no worries’ Australian attitude, my interest lied in the hospitality industry  qualifying as a chef and a baker/pastry cook.  My passion to eat healthy with the few naughty snacks has always been important to me. With my background as a gymnast as a child, fitness has always been on the back burner in my mind, but once falling pregnant with my first child it came apparent to me that this was the time to peruse my career and love of fitness and study personal training. Along the journey another bundle of joy entered this beautiful world and I saw the need for my children to be part of my life and an easier lifestyle for my family, the love and support of my husband has also helped my little goal.

I felt it was time to introduce my own unique spin, developing a community outlined business at the local park,  called "Taylor  Your Body Fitness" 

I want this place to be where you can hang out, and feel good, and just be yourself. Just be at peace and have fun."and get fit so come and join my team and get active!