Let's kickstart our health, together this August!

Introducing the Active Farmers Challenge in conjunction with PA2health!


nourish . move . relax . think . socialise

Who needs all the above or some of the above?????

Kicking off Monday 5th August, Active Farmers has joined forces with PA2health to bring you a holistic 4 week health & wellbeing challenge!

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PA2health, a service bridging the gap and providing Regional Australian’s with better access to a range of health services, are offering Active Farmers participants 15 FREE PA2health signups, and for every signup purchased after that they will donate 20% of the proceeds to Active Farmers!

Commencing Monday 5th August and concluding Sunday 1st September, this will have you skipping into spring!

Challenge details

  • Pre & post physical & mental health checks

  • Weekly meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and healthy eating challenges with Judy Davie

  • Weekly exercise videos, lesson plans and exercise challenges with Ginny Stevens

  • Weekly relaxations, stretches and stress/sleep management techniques and challenges with Narelle Hunter

  • Values assessment and daily tips from psychologist, Alice Williams

  • Weekly encouragement along the way

  • Participants MUST still attend your Active Farmers classes!

  • Post challenge hike with your Active Farmers group and free brunch to celebrate!


  • The best health transformations will be determined from the pre & post health assessments

  • Individuals with the best health behaviours will also be rewarded

  • Prizes will range from Active Farmers class and merchandise vouchers and copies of Judy Davies’ The Greengrocers Diet Cookbook!


  • The first 15 signups will complete the challenge for FREE!

  • Each signup after that will cost $49.99 and 20% of each purchase will be donated to Active Farmers!

To sign up and kick-start your health habits coming into Spring all you need to do is click here!

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This will take you to Facebook Messenger (participants must have access to Facebook and Facebook Messenger) and this is where the challenge is facilitated :)

To find out more out more about PA2health you can click through to their website here and also click here to read a recent article in the HCF Magazine - it talks about the PA2health evolution, plus has a beautiful story about Active Farmers!

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