Why being an Active Farmer helps be a better farmer

‘if only I had time, I’m just far too busy to make an Active Farmers class”

“I’m already active enough, I don’t need to exercise”

“I have more important things that need to get done”


These are some of the most common things I hear from farmers around the traps and this mindset NEEDS TO CHANGE. Farmers are almost twice as likely to take their lives to suicide than any other profession in Australia and isolation is one of the driving factors. Today, farmers are as isolated as they have ever been with many single operators utilising amazing technology to replace employees. Great for the bottom line, but what about your health? We are a herd animals and are NOT designed to be alone for long stretches of time.

Majority of farmers were once in a local footy or cricket team, which significantly reduces the impacts of isolation because you get together with your team every single week to train and compete. The beauty of a team sport is that at face value its beneficial by keeping you physically fit and it’s fun to catch up with your mates, however behind the scenes there is a lot more happening. There is so much research to suggest that exercise and social connection are two things that have an amazing influence on mental health, therefore being in a team sport is impacting your mental health without even realising!

With enhanced mental health from exercise and seeing your mates regularly you are going to be in a better frame of mind to make decisions. With the possible rise of the number of natural disasters, commodity price risk and financial stress, decisions are now as important than ever. To be a successful farmer you need your brain functioning well to help make good decisions during tough and stressful times!!!!!

This is why I strongly believe that many farmers mindsets NEED TO CHANGE! Attending an Active Farmers class should be considered as an investment to your farm business, NOT considered as taking time out. Your business needs your health. Active Farmers classes will never be able to replace a footy team, but they provide an opportunity to exercise once or twice a week and see your mates which is the bones of the benefits of being in a team sport and can have a positive impact your mental health .


Moral of the story - attending an Active Farmers class (or an alternative if Active Farmers isn’t available) once or twice a week IS an investment to your farm business - this mindset is needed to help secure the long term sustainability of our Agricultural Industry!

Over and Out,


CEO & Founder Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens