Why Dean joined Active Farmers

Dean is a farmer from Uranquinty, a husband, a father of four kids, and a happy and motivated Active Farmers participant.

Dean Uranquinty Photo.jpg

“I joined Active Farmers to improve my fitness and meet new people”. With the classes at Uranquinty starting at 6.10am this allows him to have a workout and a chat with friends before getting back on the farm.

Dean says he “suggests to friends to join an Active Farmers group as I find it a great way to exercise and socialise and gets me off the farm”. He says “it can be hard to get motivated, especially in winter when it’s cold and dark, but once I’m at Active Farmers and exercising I am always glad that I made the effort”.

“Finishing at the Quinty bakery helps to motivate me as well”.

Uranquinty classes are held every Tuesday at the Uranquinty Oval or Town Hall between 6.10am - 7.00am with Active Farmers trainer Bri Spence. Bri can be contacted on 0435 805 893 for further information.

Well done Dean for making your health and your community a priority in your life!

Ginny Stevens