Morning ritual and routine

Do you have a morning ritual or routine that you follow to help set up your day?

It's 6:30am and the alarm is going off, next thing its 7:30am because you have hit the snooze button 5 times and now you're running late. You roll out of bed, throw on some clothes race to the kitchen, make a coffee and toast with butter and jam, then race out the door in a rush, feeling unorganised and leave the house in a mess ......

Sound familiar??? I have been there and I know how this feels, I also know it does not set you up for a productive and fulfilled day! I therefore cannot express how important it is to have a healthy routine in the morning! It doesn't have to be anything spectacular involving a 20km run, followed by a fancy breakfast of smashed avocado, it can be very simple and easy. 


Here are some suggestions and tips for morning routines/rituals;

  1. HYDRATE YOURSELF! You can do this by having 2-3 glasses of fluid and this may be consumed by lemon water, an apple cider/lemon/ginger/honey tea or a green smoothie
  2. HAVE A SHOWER! There is nothing like a shower and that fresh feeling to get you moving. You can even try a cold shower if you need an extra hand to help wake you up!
  3. DO NOT HIT SNOOZE: From my experience you never have quality sleep if you keep 'snoozing' past you alarm and sometimes it can make you feel more tired and lethargic!
  4. AVOID SUGAR: Avoid starting your day with white bread and jam - it will give you an energy spike straight away, however you will no doubt crave sugar all day to keep your energy levels up. Try something like multigrain bread with avocado, tomato and olive oil.
  5. MAKE YOUR BED: You will feel organised from the start of the day!
  6. EXERCISE: If possible try to exercise before you have breakfast, it will provide you with a beautiful burst of happy endorphins and energy for the day!
  7. MINDFULNESS: Try taking a few minutes to be mindful which can be as simple as remembering what you feel grateful for.

Remember, there is no perfect combination for everyone, its about finding what works for you. Life is so short and that's why your morning rituals and routine are so important - so that you make the most of every day!

Please share with us what you do to set yourself up for a productive and fulfilling day???

Ginny Stevens

GM Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens