30 minute workout to do at home


 Note of caution! This is NOT to replace going to your Active Farmers class, its it designed to complement your classes, or to use if you miss a class for example. It is SO beneficial if you try to complete your workouts with friends at least once per week. In a perfect world we should be exercising for at least 30 minutes most days, however if this just isn’t possible I recommend you exercise on at least 4 out of 7 days.

 If you have gone to one or two Active Farmers classes and you would like to add in another session, try this 30 minute workout!

What will you need? A yoga mat, a light weight and a water bottle.


Warm up: 8 minutes max

 ·      5 minute run, jog or brisk walk


·      30 seconds jogging on the spot or marching

·      30 seconds star jumps or toe taps to the left/right

·      Repeat 4 times

Then complete a few minutes of dynamic stretching, making sure you stretch calves, hamstrings, quads  and shoulders.

Main Circuit

 Circuit 1: 8 minutes

·      20 seconds: high knees or marching

·      20 seconds: *long jumps forward & back or step forward, complete 1 squat, turn around and completed the same heading back

·      20 seconds: holding your weight, step to the side, complete one *squat press, then repeat stepping back the other way.

·      20 seconds: *Russian twist with or without your weight.

·      Repeat 3 – 4 rounds with no stopping!

 *Long jumps: start by standing with legs at hip width apart, then jump forward, using your arms to build momentum, as far as you can. Turn around and repeat heading back.

*Squat press: Start with legs at hip width apart and weight at your chin, complete a squat and on your way pressing up, press your arms straight up, in one fluid movement. Bring your weight back to your chin.

*Russian twist: start by sitting with your legs either bent slightly, or crossed and lifted off the ground, then twist your body to the left, then right.

1 minute rest

Circuit 2: 7:30 minutes

·      30 seconds: sumo squat jumps or sumo squats (legs wider than hip width)

·      30 seconds: sumo squat hold and arm curl with weight

·      30 seconds: start jumps or squat hold with a toe taps to he left, right

·      30 seconds: *mountain climbers with a twist

·      30 seconds: push-up to the centre, to the left, centre, to the right

·      Repeat for 3 rounds

*mountain climbers with a twist: start in a high plank position, and rather than drawing your knees straight in, draw your knees into your opposite elbow (left knee to right elbow).

1 minute rest

 Circuit 3: 7 minutes

Complete the following;

·      Side step 10m and back 10m facing the east

·      Sprint or brisk walk 15m up and back

·      20 lunge jumps or 10 lunges forward and back

·      10 left leg lunges holding weight

·      Left leg lunge hold and 10 arm presses with weight

·      10 right leg lunges holding weight

·      Right right lunge hold and 10 arm presses with weight

·      20 *twist crunches

·      Repeat for 7 minutes

*twist crunches: lying on back, hands interlinked behind your head, bring your opposite elbow/knee together, while stretching out your other leg.

Cool down: 5 minutes

Slow walking, completing arm circles for 2:30 minutes, then dynamic stretching for 2:30 minutes.

Enjoy and for any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ginny :)


Ginny Stevens