Would you like a sneak peak into our Rural Mindfulness workshop?

RURAL MINDFULNESS with Narelle Hunter and Active Farmers 

Would you like a sneak peak into our Rural Mindfulness workshop? Let’s have a look at what we get up to during the 2 hr. evening of fun!

PART 1. 

During the first half of our workshop Narelle explains what Mindfulness is and just how much our health depends on this inner calm focus. “I believe that we can always have part of our awareness in the present moment, even when busy.” Narelle explains

“The workshop is full of practical techniques you can use when you have 5 minutes free, now and again throughout the day. I’m always checking in on how my body is feeling and responding with a mindful stretch, deep breath or a 5 minute restorative rest posture. Adding this self care to our day actually makes us more productive because energy levels remain high, the memory improves and we can set clear priorities with less distraction and less procrastination.” 

“Understanding the nervous system is key. Some participants report enjoying better sleeping patterns straight after the workshop.” 

PART 2. 

After we enjoy a gorgeous supper and cup of tea we spend the remaining part of the workshop experiencing Narelle’s Restorative Dru Yoga style, a Deep Relaxation, Breathing Techniques and the 5 most effective mindfulness practices for a busy lifestyle. 

Reducing stress is crucial for our long-term health 

“The body and mind can manage for a while when we are too busy to take that extra care but it thrives with the simple and effective Rural Mindfulness techniques. The practices can assist with the prevention of illness, injury, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.” Narelle explains, “I have witnessed clients in a variety of very challenging situations and it is wonderful when each person finds that specific technique that makes a difference for them. I have a treasure box full of ideas and there is something in there for everyone!”

BOOK your own a fun evening with friends and workmates in your rural community. It is truly nurturing for your whole well-being!

6-8pm Tuesday evenings




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