Do you feel that there are not enough hours in the day?


Do you feel that there are not enough hours in the day? Does it feel like half the year has already slipped by so quickly and the years seem to be getting faster and faster? If your days roll into weeks and months, and you would really like to slow things down then this blog is written just for you.

The problem is ‘technically’ we can’t slow down time of course. It’s ticking along and the only control we really have is in how we approach each day. If you are involved in the rural industry, chances are you are working long hours with demands both out in the paddock and in the office. It seems the ‘down time’ in between sowing, shearing and harvest have disappeared and every day starts with a long list of jobs and phone calls to make. 

Have you found a way to manage this juggle, while creating quality time with your family and friends? How do you maintain your own personal fitness, health and personal lifestyle interests with so much already on your plate? 

I have spoken with some farmers who have decided to make their health a priority. This can happen after a health scare or maybe it has simply been a decision to invest in future physical and mental wellness. Some sort of shift happens and with absolute determination fitness, family and lifestyle rises to the top of the list of responsibilities. 

So what has this got to do with Rural Mindfulness? 

If mindfulness is noticing today with greater awareness, then a part of this is noticing our health, our families, our friends, our communities, and our sense of time and how to include lifestyle goals into our frantic routines. 

Personally I used to be very focused on business, even while raising four daughters. I remember the crazy morning rush to the school bus, the disorderly approach to bookwork and a desperate attempt to ‘look successful’ while running on low energy and high emotion. This all came to a sudden stop when our youngest daughter nearly drowned in our backyard pool, on a sunny afternoon with friends and children playing together. It felt like time literally came to a stop that Christmas and my priorities did a complete flip after that. 

I realised that time and life is precious and we must not loose sight of why we are working in the first place. Our rural businesses can be organized in such a way that we manage the workload, rather then it running us.

When writing about mindfulness I’m not talking about something frivolous that we can try here and there. To me mindfulness is living our rich, beautiful lives to their full capacity. I don’t want to miss a thing! 

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