5 minutes with Mandy Bourlet, our fantastic Active Farmers Trainer @Jugiong

This week we caught up with Mandy Bourlet, our fabulous Active Farmers trainer at Jugiong! Mandy has been part of the Active Farmers network since May this year and is providing a terrific service to her community. 


Can you tell us a bit about you and where you grew up?

I grew up on the Murray River in South Australia, living a life filled with horticulture, swimming, boats, skiing and plenty of sunshine. While horticulture and the river pumped through my veins it was agriculture that drove me, as I travelled around Australia as a Woolclasser. 

Eventually settling in NSW with my Husband on a property in the South West Slopes breeding Stock Horses, Cattle, Sheep and working in Crop Research.

Passionate about good nutrition and pushing my physical limits and keeping fit I had to be versatile with fitness on the property once I had children. After knee reconstructive surgery I worked very hard to rehabilitate myself, which began my Personal Training journey. I studied at the Institute of Fitness completing my Personal Training Certificate 4 as well as Nutrition and Wellness Coach and later becoming a qualified Yoga Instructor.

I am progressing my business here at Jugiong, building my own Studio Gym due to be opening later this year for PT 1:1 , group classes and training. I manufacture and sell my own line of muesli and granola products which I sell at various farmers markets which will also be available for sale in my new Studio Gym as well some other exciting products - stay tuned!

I love the outdoors, exploring and being active, this country lifestyle with horses, motorbikes, social sport and fresh air is a wonderful way to live. I am high energy, fun loving, care free and motivated.

Coming from a rural background, how does providing a service aimed at the rural community resonate with you?

After I had children I found fitness, sport and exercise less available to me, which was very frustrating. I know how isolated you can feel in a rural setting and to be able to provide a platform to bring people together to laugh and have fun as well as get moving with exercise that they would otherwise not do themselves is fantastic to be part of. 

As we approach the cooler months can you tell us how you keep motivated?

I really don’t like being cold, but I love winter with all the sports and events; so there is only one thing for it - get out amongst it. The more I sit inside the harder it is get moving.

I have warm gear to exercise in, and I have a plan for the training I will do each day for the week. I set a time each day, the earlier the better as it is easier to loose motivation in the afternoon. Reward yourself with a rest day as well as a day of stretching. Allow yourself a treat and plan when you will have it, for example I treat myself with new lululemon tights or a lazy lunch with friends, or plan a day trip hiking up kosciosko as long term goals as well as weekly ones, like a massage, coffee and cake or a little rest on the couch with kids watching a movie.

Sometimes being motivated to exercise is more than just exercising, the food you eat all contributes to your mindset. In winter it is so easy for me to over indulge. Make larger quantities of a healthy soup that you can warm up after exercise or have for lunch which will help you to feel more motivated to keep on track and focus on your goal. Buying some beautiful sourdough bread to eat with my soup is one of my favourite weekly rewards.

Have you got some tips about getting yourself to class when its cold and dark?

I know how hard it is to get up if it is cold and dark in the mornings, it is a real mind struggle, so repeat the positive affirmations in your mind, why you want to be fit, how good you will feel. Or have your alarm clock out of reach so you must get out of bed to turn it off and have your clothes ready so you trip over them once up.

I make exercise part of my schedule, part of my day, just like I clean my teeth every day I also exercise everyday, if you get into this mindset it will be easier to commit, you may argue with yourself a couple times but a win over your negative mind is a wonderful achievement! Other tips are; 

  • Being accountable to someone is also a great way to stay on track, so get a friend involved,
  • Lay your clothes out ready to go, so when you get home from work it is all there ready for you, or even better change before you leave work.
  • If you feel ‘too tired’ tell yourself you know you’ll feel better after exercise 
  • Pay for bulk lessons up front, that way you are committed and paid for so you might as well go

 What advice would you give someone considering coming to your Active Farmers classes?

Do It! we all laugh, we all do what we can and have no judgements - its for all fitness levels, all ages and just a great social environment. Clients tell me they feel so good after a session!

Can you talk a little about what to expect at your classes?

its a really fun class, I am an easy going, quirky, high energy, motivated trainer who likes to make light of life and has no judgement. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised for a long time, or if you are fit and looking for a challenge I make it achievable for everyone and a challenge for those who are looking for that. We do boxing in partners which is lots of fun as well as a core strength pilates yoga class which is really great to release the days stress

How important do you think exercise and socialising is for the rural community?

I know how isolating living on rural property can be and how easily it is to shift focus from your own well being to your family

It is important for everyone to spend time looking after themselves with exercise, good nutrition and wellbeing through social interaction. To be able to provide a platform to incorporate all of these things together is truly a wonderful initative particularly for rural communities

Thank you Mandy!!! To find out more about Mandy's Active Farmers @Jugiong service click here!

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