Developing a routine before winter sets in

Ok, many of you have heard me say this before.........however I repeat myself again and again because I cannot reiterate how important it is to embed some good habits as we head into winter. 

At this time of the year it has cooled down (you don't have the 'its too hot' for an excuse), plus its not too dark and cold in the mornings or nights, therefore you must use this time to get some exercise routines established. If you don't get a routine going now it is going to be very hard for yourself to become motivated during winter AND it is so important to keep active during winter.

So, how do you establish a good routine and what is a good routine??? The answer is going to vary from person to person, however my general recommendations are;

1.) Fit in exercise 4 out of 7 days during the week as a minimum - start now and continue this throughout winter and you will have no regrets! 

2.) PLAN PLAN PLAN - on Sunday afternoon sit down, look in your calendar and select the days you are going exercise

3.) Mix it up and get social! Organise some of your exercise sessions with a friend or family member, or join in with a group class. This helps with not only commitment to your plan, but also you benefit from the social interaction. You might combine some social exercise sessions with a solitary run, walk or swim to help clear your mind and have some 'me time'

4.) Reward yourself! If you stick to your plan, reward yourself on the weekend by watching a movie, going out for coffee or having a sneaky G&T or glass of nice wine. 

As always I am here to help, therefore get in touch if you need help here


Ginny Stevens