Lets Introduce Narelle Hunter, bringing Rural Mindfulness to Active Farmers

Hello everyone!

It is an absolute pleasure offering workshops for our rural community and joining the amazing Active Farmers efforts to build stronger and more resilient communities. I am passionate about helping people not only cope but thrive in their busy home and work environments but I appreciate that this doesn’t always feel easy to achieve. Sometimes we need to take one day at a time mindfully when life feels challenging or if you want to enjoy the little things along the way and have some focus on what matters most. 


Our primary focus needs to be our long term physical and mental health because without this as an important value, relationships suffer, illness and injury is more likely and our farming business success can be at risk. I have designed a specific workshop for the rural community called ‘Rural Mindfulness.’ To view the workshop content have a look at Narelle's Rural Mindfulness page. 

For my first Blog today lets look at what Rural Mindfulness is:

I describe 'Rural Mindfulness’ as having part of ourselves busy and focused on all the things we need to do today while still having part of our awareness in the present moment. When we notice our bodies, our breath, the sense of smell, taste, touch, sound and sight, we are in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is where we can self regulate, focus our thoughts and concentrate well. With this ability to self regulate we can also learn how to balance our own nervous system, being calm when we need to or to go off to sleep at night even when there is so much left to think about.  

We have an incredible opportunity to really enjoy what matters most when we learn what Rural Mindfulness is and how we can achieve it. We don’t need extra time to be mindful. It is achieved while you are working or as you are eating, having a conversation or resting. Being mindfulness is being fully awake to what is going on all around you, making the most of each ordinary day and enjoying all the detail in the incredible rural environments we live in.  

As farmers another great benefit is that Rural Mindfulness is going to assist you in being safe. When you are not lost in thought or your concerns about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future, you can be fully alert to what is right in front of you. If there is a danger such as a power line you are more likely to notice it.

Another great benefit to Rural Mindfulness is being aware of physical aches and pains before they become injuries. An early response to physical or mental tension is much easier to deal with than an injury or mental health issue. But wherever you sit in the picture of overall wellbeing, Rural Mindfulness can take your health to a whole new level. 

Look out for my flyer with more information about the full Rural Mindfulness Workshop coming soon.    

Have a fantastic weekend

Nel Hunter

Wellbeing Practitioner

Dru Yoga and Mindful Meditation Teacher

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