FACT: 20% of the Australian population will suffer from a mental illness within the next 12 months

As mentioned previously, I have recently completed my mental health first aid training and have started sharing some important statistics that we learnt during the course. 

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Last weeks statistic made reference to the fact that 45% of the entire population will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. This week I want to share with you that, within the next 12 months 20% if the entire population will suffer. 

This statistic is extremely high and it means that 1 in 5 people over the next 12 months will develop some form of mental illness. This statistic helps deliver the message to the regional population that it is completely normal and very common to suffer from a mental illness. Why is it that in regional areas, in my view we do not perceive mental illness as being this 'common' and 'normal'????

Our ultimate aim at Active Farmers is to improve mental health in regional areas, therefore I think its vital we have a sound understanding of these types of statistics. 

We also believe that given the high volume of people who will suffer in the future its important to understand some remedies that can be proactive and strengthen mental health in anticipation of tough times. We know that physical exercise and social interaction will naturally improve mental health, we also know that dietary intake and sound financial understanding impact our mental health. This is why we are providing the services we do - so that we can help the regional population within Australia be better equipped mentally in anticipation of tough times. 

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Ginny :)

Ginny Stevens