Keep Active on the Weekend!

Yay its Fridayyyy!!!!!

After a great week at Active Farmers it's time to start planning how to reward myself for a hard week of work! The first thing that springs to mind is a SLEEP IN!! I love to sleep in, sorry for those who have small children, however I won't have this luxury for much longer, therefore I am making the most of it!! The second thing that springs to mind is, 'how am I going to keep active on the weekend'? 

I have decided that, after a cheeky sleep in, I am going to get up, pull on my farm active wear and head straight out the door to take my labrador Bonnie for a 1 - 1.5 hour walk around the farm. If you don't plan your weekends exercise the temptation is to roll out out bed and head straight to the fridge in your PJ's..... however, if you have organised an activity the day before you will be far less likely to do this! 

If you start your Saturday morning being active you will give yourself a fresh boost of energy to enjoy the weekend ahead! It also gives you a great excuse to enjoy your favourite break when you get back!

Plan your activity NOW, it might be a walk or run with your dog, or with a friend to discuss last nights fun, or a quick trip to do some laps in your local outdoor pool to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter. What ever it is, you won't regret it and will enjoy your weekend a lot more if you START YOUR WEEKEND BEING ACTIVE :)

Ginny Stevens