Monique Delboux is bringing Active Farmers to your town in the very near future!

Stay tuned for details

a bit about Monique

Hi, I’m Monique from Trangie NSW pictured here with my two beautiful boys. I am excited in 2017 to become involved with Active Farmers as a community project, to promote awareness of the relationship between being active and mental health. I look forward to growing this expanding project with bringing some fun and social fitness sessions to Trangie. Throughout my life I’ve mostly been active in some form or another, having played the last couple of seasons in soccer with our local Trangie Redbacks soccer club. 

To overcome a few hurdles, as we all have at some point in our lives I have turned to a variety of exercise and found the benefits overwhelming. 

Looking forward to the future supporting Active Farmers continuing to learn and develop with helping our local community.