active farmers @bridgewater


Venue: Bridgewater Recreational Reserve

  • Mon - 6.30pm HIIT STEP

  • Wed - 6.00om Kettlebell AMPD

  • Thur - 9.30am Metafit 10.00am Kettlebell Boost

  • Sat - 8.00am Group FITT

Contact Claire

P: 0458 373 397


What to bring?

  • Water bottle

  • Active wear and runners

  • Inner gloves/thin gloves for boxing

  • A yoga mat if you want to use your own

  • An open mind

Who can come?

All farmers and the Bridgewater community are welcome to come along to the Active Farmer classes! It doesn't matter what level of fitness you have or how much experience you have, our programs are designed to be suitable for everyone. At Active Farmers we believe the more the merrier and the more diverse the group the better! For any questions or concerns get in touch with Claire. 

What does it cost?

$10 a sessions or 10 sessions for $80


For more information or questions complete the form below :)

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Welcome claire harrison

I'm a mum of beautiful boys, Nate (5), Jed (3), Van (2) with a life time love of health and fitness.

Along with my husband Dave, we decided to raise our family in the country town where I grew up - Bridgewater. Dave is the local plumber and I've been lucky enough to start my PT 'business'. About 15 years ago I started a very informal group called 'The Shearing Shed Sheilas' - we literally trained in the old shearing shed, the desire to be able to train more people grew from there. 

I spent many years working in Local Government and it wasn't until my youngest had a health scare that I realised how short life can really be and that it was time to formally start doing what I loved.  I am now a qualified personal trainer running group fitness programs out of our local Recreation Reserve. 

There is no greater feeling then seeing people smile through exercise. I feel so privileged to be a PT and find it really hard to call it a 'job'. I love how it brings people from all walks of life together and the sense of community that comes from a bit of sweat!