Why Ben & Jess love being Active Farmers!

This week we caught up with Ben & Jess Stanley, two Active Farmers @Eugowra!


Why did you start Active Farmers?
We both started for fitness and to improve our energy levels. We also wanted to support something locally that is benefiting the town of Eugowra.

What do you like about Active Famers?
We love the consistency of Active farmers, and the support Haylee gives us. The challenge is also something we both enjoy. We feel more than comfortable to bring the kids too which is great. 
I also really appreciated the extra effort Haylee went to when I was pregnant and giving me different options. 

What would you say to someone considering joining?
I’d say to anyone - just come along and try it. It’s such a welcoming group and everything can be tailored to your level of fitness. It’s also a great social outing!

”Thank you for choosing our little town” by Jess & Ben :)

Big thank you to Jess & Ben for sharing this insight for our network - it is people like you both who make the world go round :) And of course their wonderful trainer Haylee Redfern @Eugowra & Gooloogong!

For more information about Active Farmers with Haylee click here.

Ginny Stevens