Women's Health Week Wrap Up

This week we celebrated women’s health week and we wanted to do something special for our Active Farmers women! 


The role of a woman in modern day society is huge, often involving being; a mother, Aunty, friend, sister, cleaner, grocery shopper, head chef, laundry lady, career lady, business owner, farmer, gardener, bookkeeper, life admin support and the list goes on! We therefore really wanted you gals to really try and get to Active Farmers class and select 3 things to do for YOU during the week! 
This might have been as simple as a cup of tea with a book in the sunshine undisturbed for 45 minutes, or an hour long walk with a friend, or even 30 minutes of yoga. We also provided some special things for you throughout the week :)

Firstly, for every class a female Active Farmer attended has gone into the lucky dip, that means if you attended 3 classes your name has gone in 3 times 👌 The prizes are;
1.) Win your entire month of September classes
2.) Win a copy of The Greengrocers Diet cookbook
3.) Win a Lululemon activewear voucher valued at $80

Winners will be announced soon!!!


On Wednesday we organised a free online Q&A with Alice Williams, registered psychologist to discuss some tips about mental health for women. We focused on three broad topics;

1.) Dealing with stress and things that are outside of our control
2.) Early signs of stress, and what to do if you are worried about yourself or a loved one
3.) The importance of self care and implications of social media

For those who missed out we recorded the session which can be found here . You can head to the Facebook Event to find more links and suggestions from the session by clicking here





On Thursday Narelle Hunter, our Mindfulness specialist provided us with a gift of a special deep relaxation, designed to send you off into a blissful sleep. You can access her recording here







Lastly, a delightful recipe that we love is this Orange and Almond Cake recipe. It contains no nasties such as refined sugar, is super easy to make and its extremely versatile! It can be made into kid friendly muffins, breakfast muffins or a lovely cake for dessert, morning or afternoon tea :) The recipe can be found here

We hope you have enjoyed women's health week and have taken some time out for YOU! Stay tuned for our lucky prize winners to be announced soon. 


In closing remember, "Your grass is always greener if you water your own lawn"

Ginny :)

CEO Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens