Spring into Spring community support program

Active Farmers has partnered with Restore Hope Aus and Riverina Bluebell and are pleased to announce a "Spring into Spring" community support program. Our first location is Coonamble,  kicking off this Saturday 1st September with local trainer, Anna Altus. We will then deliver the program to many more communities within out network throughout the spring season. 

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We believe that during tough times its more important than ever to work on your health and supporting your community. Getting together through group fitness not only helps improve physical health, but more importantly brings the community together for regular social interaction. The two combined naturally improve mental health and build community resilience needed to get through tough times.  

"If someone doesn't turn up to class they receive a phone call from someone within their community which is a great support network to ensure everyone is ok". 

The "Spring into Spring" program will involve a free group fitness class and breakfast to kick off, then it will offer the entire community two free classes per week, and a health related workshop.  The program is for everyone, and importantly not just for farmers as everyone matters. 

We welcome all levels of fitness and ability to attend, regardless of age, shape, size and experience!

For more information about the program click here to ask CEO, Ginny Stevens. 


Ginny Stevens