Why Pat became an Active Farmer

Active Farmers welcomes our newest board member, Pat Barrett to our team!  


Pat divides his time between raising two boys with his wife Alanna, working as a director Walsh and Blair Lawyers and running a self-replacing merino operation. He also makes a point of finding the time to join the Mangoplah Active Farmers team every Tuesday night.

”I found that when I finished playing footy, I really needed something to replace the camaraderie that comes with playing a team sport. I had been running on and off for a while, but I craved some variety to invigorate me mentally, but also to use some different parts of my body to give me a better all-round fitness. So I decided to give Active Farmers a go.”


”I really enjoy it because it’s a good workout and catch up with my local mates. It’s also a great excuse to leave the office and the farm and commit myself do some exercise, which in turn strengthens my out of nick body against a few old footy injuries and gets the endorphins going for a better mental frame of mind.”


One of the most common myths we hear about Active Farmers is that its only for women, not men. After reading about Pat we hope you will now understand that its definitely NOT just for women, its also for real men too! Far too often we see men who are at Pat’s stage in life, who finish up their favourite team sport and hang up their boots for good. Not only does this cut out vital physical exercise, but also the regular catch ups with your mates Pat reflected on.

If you are a male and have an Active Farmers group near you don’t fluff around, just hop in your car and go! You won’t have any regrets.

Thank you Pat for sharing your story and for inspiring more of your male counterparts to get moving and take their health seriously!


Ginny Stevens