Why don't we take our health seriously???

Why is it that we ensure our vehicles are adequately serviced so that we avoid break downs, yet we run our bodies below optimum levels, leaving our bodies at risk of breaking down???


Our bodies, just like our vehicles need servicing and if we don't our bodies will not run efficiently and we then run the risk of injury, sickness, stress, sleep deprivation and the list goes on.

The truth is there are thousands of reasons why we don't take our health seriously, and like the hastle involved with taking our vehicles to get serviced, or even re-fuelling, servicing our bodies isn't easy and it is time consuming. 

When I refer to 'servicing our bodies' I am not just talking about exercise, I'm also talking about nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, rest and socialisation. There are many ways of servicing our bodies, and we do require a combination of the above mentioned 'services' to achieve our optimum health and operate efficiently. 

So, we have identified that we must service our bodies, and that it takes time and isn't easy - what do we do now??? I suggest write a list of things that prevent you from looking after yourself. It could be injury, time, family, work or motivation and the list goes on. Another list I suggest you write are your priorities in life. Next week we will talk about these lists and what to do next!

Ginny Stevens