Mental Illness is recognised as the 3rd highest disease burden in Australia

Disease Burden Photo.png

To continue to communicate and reinforce the ultimate aim of Active Farmers - to improve mental health in regional areas - we believe it is important that we share some important statistics to reinforce why we have that aim. 

In 2003, The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare concluded that mental illness is the third highest disease burden in Australia after cancers and cardiovascular disease (heart disease). "Disease Burden" refers to the combined effect of premature death and years lived with a disability caused by an illness. 

Mental illness is not a major cause of premature death compared to other illnesses, however the impact it has on major causes of disability is extremely high. Sometimes those suffering from a mental illness can be perceived as being lazy, weak, selfish, uncooperative and attention seeking which adds fuel to the fire behind the stigma of mental illness and in turn additional suffering and disability. 

In summary it is extremely important that we understand not only how many people suffer from some form of mental illness each year, but the serious impacts mental illness has on the Australian population,  reiterated by the fact mental illness is ranked the 3rd highest disease burden in Australia. 

Mental Illness can be treated and there are many proactive services available, therefore our mission at Active Farmers is to provide a service that is proactive for mental health. By providing group exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and financial services we believe that we can make a difference to improving mental health in regional areas. 


Ginny Stevens