Those living outside of major cities are 66% more likely to pass from suicide

At Active Farmers we want to ensure that we communicate regularly with the rural community about why we exist - to improve mental health in regional areas

To help resonate with the rural community we also believe that its important we share some statistics about mental health in rural areas, even though they can be quite alarming. 

In 2014 the National Rural Health Alliance released a fact sheet and one of the key points was;

"Country people encounter particular stressors which influence their mental health, yet many have limited access to mental health services and/or are less likely to seek help. tragically, the rate of suicide outside Major cities is 66 per cent higher than within them". 

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This statistic needs to change as the difference is far too high!!!!

All of the services that Active Farmers provides to the rural community are designed to have a proactive approach to mental health. We strongly believe that by keeping physically active, socialising, eating well, having a strong understanding of the farm financial position and being mindful are all contributors to improved mental health - this is why we provide all of these services

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Ginny Stevens

GM Active Farmers

Ginny Stevens