Financial Wellbeing service @activefarmers

Although Active Farmers is a health and fitness service, our primary focus is improving mental health in regional areas. Financial stress is a driver of poor mental health in regional areas, therefore Active Farmers have identified 'financial wellbeing' as an area that can compliment the service. 

We are therefore very pleased to introduce Tony Hudson, a financial consultant to the Active Farmer network. Tony's services will involve delivering two financial workshops to rural communities. Tony is very aware of the connection between being physically fit, socially connected and mentally strong and believes that his service will add to our proactive approach to mental health. 

Throughout my experience in the agribusiness banking industry, I came to learn that now more than every it is vital to have a sound understanding of, not only the physical management of the business, but the financial management of the business. This clarity and financial understanding is  often pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities and we believe at Active Farmers that it should be prioritised. 

Please join us in welcoming Tony to the network and stay tuned for more updates soon!

Click here for more information about Tony and his services.


Ginny Stevens