Lower back pain

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Sooo many people have pain in their lower back - be it chronic or a once off. As a massage therapist I am constantly targeting the gluteus muscles and trying to release the area around the hips and pelvis. By doing this, the strain on the lower back is reduced and pain subsides. If you suffer from lower back pain there is a few simple things you can do:

1.) Stretch your glutes (your bum!) google simple glute stretches to find diagrams and explanations.

2.) Self massage with a massage ball.

3,) Get on a foam roller and roll out your itb (illiotibial band- on the outside of your upper leg) 

To find out more read this article- its very detailed and interesting!


And remember pain killers are not a long term solution. So get active and put your health first! 

By Nicola Burbidge, Wagga Massage Therapy

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