A few words about muscle cramps 


Muscle cramps. Many people say it’s a lack of salt, magnesium or dehydration. Recently I am finding a lot of people with cramps who have extremely tight muscles, finding relief from massage. Tight muscles can cause cramps. The muscles get very tight and when you try to relax them or use them they seize up as they are totally stressed out! Especially the calf muscles. When they have been overused and are inflamed, they get tighter and tighter until they cannot handle movement any longer. A cramp can occur on exertion or even after a long day waking you up in the middle of the night! 

If you suffer from cramps and survive with painkillers, there’s good news- YOU CAN BE CRAMP FREE! Go to see your local massage therapist and get a deep tissue massage to release the culprit muscles. You will be amazed at how simple life is when you are pain free. 

If you are unsure of the best treatment plan for your body please give me a call to discuss your concerns! 

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Ginny Stevens