Active Farmers on the "Beating Around the Bush" podcast.


"Having many balls in the air is part of life for most small business owners. The moving parts of a business, as well as day to day life always has its challenges. But I have to have some extra admiration for Ginny Stevens.
She is the CEO of Active Farmers- a group aiming to build stronger and more resilient communities through better physical and mental health." - 
Jayne Cuddihy - Rural Business Collective

Recently we were interviewed for the "Beating Around the Bush" podcast, we really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about what we are doing and how Active Farmers is progressing.  

"Beating around the Bush" is a great podcast that really shines a spotlight on what is happening in rural and country regions.  Its hosted by the Rural Business Collective which is a great resource for those needing help with the business side of rural life.



MediaCristy Houghton