Active Farmer workout to do at home

Hello Active Farmers, 

With the festive season still in full swing you might think that 1-2 Active Farmer classes week is not quite enough to keep up with the incoming calories!!! My advise would be try to fit in 1-2 extra sessions to keep you body burning up that extra energy consumed, plus to help keep up your energy levels. 

Here is a quick and easy program you can do at home in about 35 minutes. All you need is a yoga mat or towel, some water and preferably some good tunes to help you stay motivated. 

Warm up

5 minutes

Jogging/walking/stretching of you choice

Circuit 1

7.5 minutes

30 secs squat jumps/squats, 30 secs squat hold, 30 secs squat pulses, 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds plank. Repeat 3 times, then 1 minute rest

Circuit 2

7.5 minutes

30 secs lunge jumps/lunges, 30 secs left leg lunge hold, 30 secs right leg squat hold, 30 star jumps, 30 seconds pushups. Repeat 3 times, then 1 minute rest

Circuit 3

7.5 minutes

30 secs 1 squat jump/squat, 2 lunge jump/lunges, 30 squat hold, 30 secs right leg lunge pulses, 30 left leg lunge pulses, 30 seconds pushups. Repeat 3 times, then 1 minute rest

Cool down

5 minutes

Walking/stretching of your choice


Enjoy the session, its all to do with time so you can make it as hard or as easy as you like. Try and get more reps in each 30 seconds block each time to keep challenging and building your fitness. For any questions click here and get in touch with Ginny :) 

Ginny Stevens