Farmers and community residents keeping Active @ Quandialla with Kim Broomby

Kim Broomby is a personal trainer who runs group fitness classes for farmers and local community residents at Quandialla. Recently we caught up with Kim  and have shared some insights into Kim's group fitness classes and the great work she is doing for her community. Enjoy the read :)

Kim, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and Quandialla?

Quandialla is a very small village in the west of the Weddin Shire, almost in the middle of Grenfell Young, Temora and West Wyalong. A farming community and a lovely place to live and a great area to raise a family. My husband and I have five beautiful children; two boys and three girls (or men and ladies). I have always been active and quite competitive in the past, however with a couple of minor health hiccups am more than happy now to keep active, busy and as healthy as I possibly can. Quandialla is too small to have any team sports so regular exercise has to come in the form of group exercise for me. I love hanging out with my participants and seeing the pleasure on their faces when they finish a great workout or simply get to catch up with friends while moving!! 

I understand you are taking some group fitness classes in Quandialla, could you please tell us about these classes?

I am really excited to start an extra class this week actually. So, I have an early class on Monday mornings, an evening class on Tuesdays, an early class Wednesday morning (just for the men!!) and a morning class on Fridays. With a positive change to the weather comes enthusiasm and motivation!! 

You are clearly very passionate about your health, how does keeping fit and healthy help you? 

Keeping fit and healthy helps me to function so much better as a person, wife, friend and mother; physically, emotionally and mentally. Farm work is hard, so I need to be as strong as possible. Dealing with family, work and all kinds of stresses takes a lot of mental fitness!! With a few stops and starts in my health journey I appreciate the value of keeping fit. I also feel a commitment to being a great role model to my family and those who see me as a leader in fitness. 



 How do your participants feel after a class?

I hope my participants feel amazing after their workouts!! I get lots of positive and generous feedback from participants. I guess if they don’t like the classes they won’t come back!!! 

Would you say that being fit and healthy on the inside and out helps build resilience amongst your community?

I have seen some beautiful moments in classes where the support network of our community has shone. There is clearly a huge connection in our lives between physical health contributing to our mental health. Some participants come along for a social outing as much as an exercise outing. I have seen so much support for one another with no judgment: so I think we are creating resilience in our community. 

 What are your future plans for your fitness service at Quandialla?

Plans for the future in my fitness service in Quandialla is to grow!! I would love to have so many more community members come and enjoy a group exercise class together. 

What advise would you give someone who is guilty of neglecting their health, but lacking motivation and/or confidence to come along to one of your classes?

Advice I would give someone who has neglected their health and lack motivation and/or confidence to come to a class would be…….. I’ve been there and done that!! I could have written a book of excuses to avoid committing to regular exercise; and it would have been a large volume!! SO, making the choice to get on board would be; find a friend to go with, decide which aspects of your health need improving, start within your ability and don’t rush to advanced exercises too soon, don’t try to keep up with  the “Superwoman / Superman” working out beside you and just ENJOY being able to move!! Music is my key to exercising alone. Great beat, favourite songs and loud turn me on!! 

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story with us Kim! Quandialla - you very lucky to have Kim, we love what you are doing for the wellbeing on the inside and out of your community members and we look forward to watching your group fitness classes grow!!!

Ginny Stevens