Andy Ross helps share his motivational tips!

Hello Active Farmers!



We have one more month of Autumn, then we will be once again heading into winter..... I know, I know cold and dark mornings and nights, however this is the season where regular exercise is vital. We generally tend to be a lot more unconsciously active during the warmer months and less in the cooler months - this is why ensuring we exercise regularly in winter is so important. It's also great for circulation when blood flow slows down during the cooler months as well as keeping your metabolism firing as our appetites naturally increase in winter.


To help provide some inspiration I have completed a profile on Andy Ross. Andy has been coming regularly to Active Farmers since the very beginning and to verify this Andy has come to a grand total of 98 classes!! This is such an amazing and admirable effort, therefore I thought I would share some of Andy's tips for keeping so motivated and disciplined. 

1.) Andy, you have been an Active Farmer from the very beginning (end of Feb 2015) and are the highest attending Active Farmer, well done!!! How do you keep yourself so disciplined and motivated to attend Active Farmer classes so regularly? 

Although it’s hard to get up at 5.30am on the AF mornings, having a partner who goes as well makes it easier. I have been looking for something to maintain and improve upper body strength as I get older and AF fits perfectly

2.) We are about to head into winter and it will become cold and dark soon. Last year you got yourself through the winter and regularly attended Active Farmer classes. Do you have any tips for your peers to help them keep up their motivation during winter?  

We should think how we feel after the AF session (hopefully euphoric) and not how cold and tired we are at the time!!!!

3.) Since becoming an Active Farmer in February last year have you noticed any improvements to your general health and wellbeing? If so how has this made a difference to your day to day activities? 

After 8 months of attending AF my Cholesterol level reduced from 5.9 to 5.3. Combined with a change in diet, the exercise regime was crucial in the better blood test results. Sitting at a desk most of my working days, AF gives me a balance for my wellbeing and future health. 

4.) What is your favourite thing about being an Active Farmer? 

Apart from the banter within the morning crew, the results of consistent exercise are there. I can now do push ups without using my knees!

5.) I know that there are lots of people within the Mangoplah and Uranquinty communities who may be considering becoming an Active Farmer, however are still unsure about committing. What advise would you give these people? 

Just come along. Leave your ego at home and results will show

6.) As a group Active Farmers so far have raised $1400 for Riverina Bluebell, and given you have attended the most classes your commitment to Active Farmers has gone a long way to contributing to this donation. How does supporting Riverina Bluebell, a non-for profit organisation for mental health in the Riverina resonate with you? 

Any research contributions into mental health are a good thing, however small, and its good to keep it local.

7.) If there is one quote or motto that you relate to could you please share this with us? 

Just do it, the results will be worth it!!

Thank you very much Andy for sharing some insights what keeps your motivated and how integrating regular exercise has helped improve your cholesterol levels and your strength, especially in your upper body - pushups on the toes is no easy task! 


Other Active Farmer news is that I shortly I will be providing you all of you with record keeping cards (I will keep them in a box for safe keeping and being them to every class) so that you can all see where your passes are up to easily.


Keep up the motivation and remember Andy's motto 'Just do it, the results will be worth it!!'

See you all soon and if you are not sure about coming along to Active Farmers hopefully you will feel motivated now!


Ginny Stevens