Active Farmers is back into full swing!!!

Hello Active Farmers, 


Its been great being back after 3 weeks away - I have missed you all!!


A huge thank you to Jeanette Ross for holding the fort and taking some classed at Mangoplah while I was away, it's fantastic to keep some momentum going since resuming this new year. 


With school and work back in full swing it is now time to make sure that some fitness is built into your schedule - routine is the key. Someone asked me this week if I ever have mornings when my alarm goes off and I think 'I don't want to get up'...... and I can say absolutely yes! I have many morning when I just feel like throwing my phone out the window and going back to sleep! I always know how much better I will feel if I get up and do some exercise - this is what gets me up :) Make sure you remind yourself of this when your alarm goes off and the thoughts of throwing the phone out the window emerge!


The Active Farmer schedule is back to normal with the following classes available;


Tuesday 6am @Uranquinty football oval

Tuesday 6pm @Mangoplah football oval

Wednesday 6am @Mangoplah football oval

Friday 6am @Mangoplah football oval



I look forward to seeing you all soon :)





Ginny Stevens