Join the Active Farmers PT Network

We're looking for PTs to lead Active Farmers in their region.

The Active Farmer PT network is a support system to ensure that all PT's wanting to establish Active Farmers in their town have the tools and support they need to successfully implement Active Farmers. Active Farmers will provide each PT with the following tools and support;

  • Equipment - boxing gloves, yoga mats, skipping ropes, kettle bells and medicine balls
  • Lesson plans - these are not compulsory, but the support is there
  • Marketing - on the Active Farmer website and social media
  • General support - eg. a launch event


Step 1

Each community needs to identify a personal trainer. There are certain qualifications this person will require to facilitate Active Farmers and to find out what these qualifications are please click contact and get in touch with Ginny Stevens for more information. If the person identified is not qualified this is ok because there are excellent personal training courses available so that the required qualifications can be obtained. Again, click contact and ask Ginny Stevens obtaining your qualification. The personal trainer can then become part of the Active Farmer PT network. 

Step 2

Once your Active Farmer PT has been identified the next step is to find a venue such as a park/town hall/football club and create a timetable that suits both the participants and the Active Farmer PT. You will then have your own tab on the Active Farmer website and your timetable/news will be continually updated and promoted by Active Farmers. The PT, being part of the Active Farmer network at the same time receive all of the tools and support mentioned above. 

Step 3

Start training!!! Once step 1 & 2 are completed the Active Farmer service can commence. Then, all you need to do is join in, share great stories, support each other and most of all have fun! 

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