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As a not-for-profit organisation and registered health promotion charity, we are working to build a movement of active health and wellness for our farmers and communities throughout rural and remote Australia. 


To help address these issues in the small farming communities where people live, Active Farmers mission is to advance health and social and public welfare in rural and remote communities by: 

  • providing regular local group fitness classes for all fitness levels lead by qualified trainers   
  • facilitating nutrition, mindfulness and financial management workshops and consultations   
  • offering remote access to mental health services    
  • foster social interaction
  • enhance community connectedness
  • build community resilience


Active Farmers vision is to build stronger and more resilient communities in rural and remote Australia.

Where does your donation go?

To help us spread the word throughout rural and regional Australia

To build Active Farmers in new regions

To collate information and resources that will add value to our farmers lives

To foster the Active Farmers community

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