As one year comes to an end and another year starts it is the perfect time to sit down for an hour or two and reflect back over the past 12 months, and then set some goals for the next 12 months. Figure out what you want to achieve and why, then backwards plan by setting some goals to help you achieve what you want to! 

On reflection of the last 12 months of Active Farmers we couldn't be happier! We are super excited to have expanded from 2 rural communities to 18 (soon to be 20 over the next few weeks) with the help of our fantastic trainers and sponsor, Delta Agribusiness. We have also welcomed an amazing team of service providers ranging from nutrition, mindfulness, finance, massage to online access to mental health experts!

What are our goals for 2018? Our initial aim still remains the same; to help improve both physcial and mental health of farmers and rural communities, plus build community resilience. In order to to this our goals for 2018 have been summarised below;

  1. Continue to expand to as many rural communities as possible, Nationally
  2. Continue to support and grow attendance to existing Active Farmers groups
  3. Create a membership base for our network
  4. Continue to provide further assistance to our network by access to our service providers both online and in person. We also want to expand the reach geographically of our workshops (for example: nutrition, mindfulness, finance workshops)
  5. Build a stronger Active Farmers community where by different communities can interact and support each other across the country
  6. Continue to evolve, be innovative and expand as suggestions come our way!

If you have more suggestions about how we can continue to work towards our initial aim, to help improve both physcial and mental health of farmers and rural communities please get in touch - we would love to hear from you and truly value your feedback!!!

I wish you all the best this year and trust that 2018 will bring you everything you wish for!!!



GM Active Farmers



Ginny Stevens